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Suga coco is a company with diverse interests and is factory in Tamilnadu, a state which is second in India for coir production. We have succeeded in providing complete solutions in raw material procurement and supply of high quality coir products for both domestic and export market in recent years, enabling us to emerge as a leader in manufacturing and export of coir pith products in the country. Steered on by the abundant availability of raw materials in our area, the company has an assured supply of raw materials which is sourced from over five lakh cocount trees in the region to ensure a steady supply of a variety of coco pith products for the export market.

Coir Pith Products

5 kg Coco pith block

Our company also manufactures 5-kilogram blocks, which have extensive applications in horticulture by virtue of its excellent drainage properties and ability to retain high oxygen levels. In recent years, these peat blocks have succeeded in replacing peat moss in commercial and domestic gardens and in green houses,


650 gms Briquette

We manufacture Coir pith blocks in two dimensions. The smaller one weighs 650 grams and is widely used as potting medium in combination with required fertilizers and nutrients. For instance, mushroom growers around the world use pith blocks for large-scale mushroom cultivation. These blocks also serve as soil supplements by virtue


Coir Disc

A Proven substitute peat moss, rock wool or perlite, the coco peat discs not only outperform most peat brands, but also reduces peat extraction from many environmentally sensitive swamps in various parts of the world. The discs are extremely practical and absorb 4-5 liters of water, which is nearly 8 times


Coconut husk chips blocks

Coco chips are also used as a mulching agent as well as a soil conditioner. Our coir chips are used as a mulching material in gardens. It is a natural and renewable substitute for pine bark. A garden where coir is applied doesn't only look beautiful but on top of that is better for plants and trees because of its property to retain



We also manufacture easy-to-use high grade Compressed Coir Pith Pellets (or granules) at affordable prices. These are made by subjecting high quality coconut coir pith to compaction, followed by granulation of the compacted material. The pellets have unique physical and horticultural characteristics and are consequently,


Grow bag

Grow bags are premium products used to grow a huge variety of fruit and vegetables, as well as a great variety of seasonal and non- seasonal flowers which have long greenhouse bench life. We manufacture our Coir pith Grow bags by blending coir pith with appropriate quantity of short coir fiber, compressing it and packing it loosely